1 iulie 2014

Off He Goes

Know a man
His face seemed pulled and tense
Like he`s riding
on a motorbike
on the strongest winds.
So I approached with tact
Suggests that he should relax.
But he`s always moving 
much too fast.
Said he`l see me on the flipside
On this trip he`s
taking for a ride
He`s been taking too much on

There he goes with his perfectly
unkept clothes
There he goes...

He`s yet to come back
But I see his picture
It doesn`t look the same upon the rack.
We go way back
I wonder `bout his inside
It`s like his thoughts are too big
for his size
He`s been taking, where 
I don`t know
Of he goes with his perfectly
unkept hope...

There he goes...

And now I rub my eyes
for he has return
Seems my preconceptions
are what should have been burned.
For he still smiles
And he`s still strong
Nothing`s changed but the
surrounding bullshit that has grown.
And now he`s home and we`re
laughing like we always did

My same old, same old friend...